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It's Me with Chris after the 10/26/04 show in Nash. @ Rocketown. We're sitting on the stage... he was signing autographs (with my sharpie marker), but he took a second to look at my friend's camera as she took a picture of us... just "hanging"... This was near the election day, and he had a button on that said "Texas is missing its idiot"... and it had Bush's face on it.

It's us again... right before I left the venue. He signed my cell phone, my water bottle, and my blue, democratic Death Cab t-shirt. He also took the cookies his mom told me to bake for him and the rest of the guys. ("Ma Walla" is an amazing woman...) Anyway- Chris was such a nice guy... and I had such a good time at the concert <3 My experience with Chris was just LOVELY.
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